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          BOMA Edmonton is a leading commercial real estate association that provides trusted expertise and opportunities to members, government, and the public in the Edmonton Region and beyond.

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          BOMA BEST



          Get Involved

          We are an active member of BOMA Edmonton beuse we believe BOMA plays many critil roles for the commercial real estate industry such as advocy for our industry, edutional resources for our staff, networking opportunities, and a collaborative environment where the sharing of knowledge and best practices allows for the betterment of all members.

          Morley Barr, Aspen Properties

          We Serve the North

          Our mandate is to serve members north of Red Deer, in the Edmonton region, and through to Northwest Territories and Yukon. We acknowledge the traditional territories of this region and recognize that our headquarters are on Treaty Six First Nations Territory. These areas are the homes and gathering places of many Métis, Inuit, and First Nations Peoples whose histories, languages, cultures, and presence continue to enrich our community.  


          The latest news from BOMA


          Studies, Online learning, and more


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          Feature Resource

          The RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software platform enables low-rbon planning, implementation, monitoring & reporting. RETScreen is an initiative of the Government of nada, developed and disseminated by nmetENERGY/Varennes, Natural Resources nada. RETScreen is used by a large number of organizations in nada and around the world.

          BOMA Edmonton 2021 Highlights

          Click the link below to download the PDF showsing some of the BOMA Edmonton highlights for 2021.

          Get into Commercial Real Estate

          BOMA Edmonton celebrates and supports emerging leaders. We have an active Emerging Leaders Committee that promotes CRE reers to young people under the age of 40 especially and facilitates inter-generational connections. They do this through events, strategic initiatives, mpaigns, mentorship programs, working with post-secondary institutions, and attracting emerging leaders to BOMA’s committees and board.

          We highly recommend getting to know our inspiring leaders and the University of Alberta Real Estate Club executive by watching this 2021 roundtable video interview.